Article 50 has been triggered:
How to prepare for Brexit

Download these webinars to learn how business leaders are planning for Brexit


1. The C-Suite Response to the Brexit

This webinar discusses some of the key implications of the Brexit decision and the resulting priorities for businesses. With a panel of industry experts including Peter Cheese, CEO of CIPD, Kon M. Asimacopoulos from Kirkland & Ellis, and Johannes Haas, General Manager, DZ Bank, the webinar explored key themes related to:

  • The financial, HR, legal, and communications issues, etc., that executive teams should think about.
  • What C-suite executives around the world plan to do immediately, and what they plan to track and adapt to over time.
  • Practical advice from practitioners and experts to help you quickly form a strong response plan to address questions from the board, C-suite, employees, customers, and suppliers.

2. Preparing for Board Presentations on Brexit

Little clarity exists on the medium- and long-term outcomes of the UK Brexit referendum. Even the so-called experts have conflicting points of view. Meanwhile, boards of directors want assurance that management teams have assessed and understand the potential implications to their firms and have a plan in place to get ahead of future risks.

Use CEB to check your thinking against what others are doing in response to Brexit and provide your team with the tools and templates they need:

  • Identify and prioritize different types of exposure your firm faces as a result of the Brexit decision,
  • Size and assess those exposures,
  • Assess your firm’s readiness to address those exposures, and
  • Communicate the risk response plan to management and the board.

Download these webinars to learn how business leaders are planning for Brexit

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