Talent Assessment Training

Line Manager Skills

Enable Your Line Managers to Make Better Hiring Decisions

CEB research suggests that effective managers can have an enormous impact on an organisation’s bottom line, with their ability to increase the retention level of direct reports by 40% and performance levels by 25%.

Our courses will help hiring managers develop the skills needed to gain, train and retain the best people. These course will also aid them to:

  • Have the skills to select the right people first time
  • Help understand their personal style and impact on engaging and motivating others
  • Give them tips on having difficult conversations and managing conflict
  • Teach them to generate high-performing individuals within their teams – and maximise their overall team's effectiveness

Take a look at the course descriptions below to find out which ones fit your needs best.

Interview Expert

Duration: Flexible Options Price: £POA

Interview Expert is an online, self-paced training system designed to provide best-practice interview techniques and training for hiring managers, offering a cost-effective alternative to the traditional face-to-face training of interviewers. Highly scalable and designed to flex with the needs of your organisation, the solution comprises two core online parts and offers optional live person-to-person coaching.

360° Feedback

Duration: 0.5 day Classroom Price: £POA

Ideal for anyone facilitating 360° feedback, you will gain the experience of using core coaching techniques to provide objective feedback to others through case work and practical feedback sessions. You will also be equipped with the confidence to deal with challenges and resistance from others and learn how to link the outputs of the assessment to development planning. 

Assessor Training

Duration: 1 day Classroom Price: £564

Ideal for HR professionals and line managers who are to act as assessors or observers, this course provides practical and comprehensive training in the assessment of a range of simulation exercises - including role play, group and analysis presentations. It develops skills that are applicable to a wide range of exercises and competencies.

Competency-Based Interviewing

Duration: 1 Day classroom Price: £495

This course gives a highly practical insight into competency-based interview techniques that are proven to improve appointment success rates. During the programme you will come to understand the concept of competencies, practice competency-based interviews and learn to objectively evaluate interview evidence.

Competency-Based Interviewing Train the Trainer

Duration: 2 day classroom Price: £POA

On this comprehensive two-day programme we will enable you to become self- sufficient in delivering Competency-Based Interview training programmes. You will have the opportunity to practice delivery of the course with expert guidance from our experienced trainers on the day. You will also receive all the materials you need (slides, course notes, exercises etc.) to confidently deliver this course to enable your organisation to enhance its assessment activities.

Developing High-Performance Teams

Duration: 1 day classroom Price: £508

Suitable for Managers and Team Leaders who manage teams directly or remotely, as well as HR professionals responsible for recruiting teams, this workshop will give you the skills you need to create and maintain a high performance team.  You will develop an understanding of the key characteristics of teams, gain experience using our assessment tools to help you select and develop teams, and learn how to break down barriers to collaboration to enhance performance.

Diversity and Disability Confidence in Assessment

Duration: 1 day classroom price: £538

In conjunction with the Clear Company, one of the UK’s leading organisations who help employers to be more inclusive, this workshop will equip you with the confidence to build inclusive assessment processes.  We will explore how to manage disability and diversity, deal with differences and plan for and implement reasonable adjustments in your interview and assessment activities to enable you to get the right person for the job.

Measuring, Managing and Maximising Talent

Duration: 1 day classroom Price: £508

Ideal for Line Managers and HR Professionals, let us share our expertise with you on how to manage and support your talent to increase performance, engagement and drive competitive positioning. Through self-insight, sharing of real life examples and case work, we teach you practical actions - such as how to coach others, deal with resistance and create actionable development plans to help your people realise their full potential. *This course is also available in-company on a modular basis.

Practical Application of Personality and Ability Assessments

Duration: 1 day classroom Price: £POA

This course is designed for individuals who wish to use our range of ability and personality assessment reports to enhance selection and on-boarding activities. Through a range of case studies and practical feedback sessions, you will gain an understanding of the tools available to you, and when and how you can use them effectively. * This course does not provide a BPS qualification and is suitable only for individuals who apply the output reports to provide assessment feedback and contribute to making assessment decisions. 

Practical Job Analysis Workshop

Duration: 1 day Price: £508

Learn the techniques that our team use when consulting with leading organisations to identify the skills, competencies and attributes required for high performance in the workplace. Learn how to apply the information you gather to create job and person specifications and how an effective job analysis can enhance your selection, performance management and development activities. This course is suitable for HR and Line Manager audiences.