Engage Leadership to Drive Business Performance with CEB Managerial and Professional Hire

Talent and performance are inseparable. Savvy organisations know that managers and leaders are pivotal to success. From effective managers improving staff productivity, customer satisfaction and retention to senior leaders making critical strategic decisions, top-tier leaders are essential to delivering business results.

Our Cutting-edge Leadership Assessments and Solutions Maximise Senior Hiring Success

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Our managerial and professional hire solutions help you make better recruitment decisions through objective measurements that predict future potential.

  • Define senior role requirements with our CEB Universal Competency Framework: an overarching structure for defining competencies for all jobs, at all levels, in all industries, across all countries
  • Identify future leaders by evaluating multiple competencies (coaching, decision-making)
  • Match manager candidates to the job and organisation
  • Use our leadership assessments to measure team management capabilities
  • Align people with strategy to drive business outcomes
  • Pinpoint high-potential leadership talent

Select the Right Managers and Watch Business Performance Soar

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Our track record shows that hiring and/or promoting candidates based on the results of our leadership assessments leads to tangible business outcomes:


  • Automotive: 54% decrease in employee turnover 
  • Transportation: 300% increase in performance ratings
  • Retail: £35M (€40M) increase in annual sales
  • Food & Beverage: Stores three times more likely to be top performers

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