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Hire and Inspire: A New Approach to Graduate Recruitment

What Makes a Successful Graduate Programme? Quite Possibly Not What You Think...


It’s never been tougher to be a graduate recruiter. There are pressures from dissatisfied line managers, senior managers and even from graduates themselves.

  •  1 in 5 graduates apply for jobs that do not match their interests
  •  5 in 6 managers say graduates don’t have the necessary skills
  •  1 in 4 graduates are likely to leave their first employer within 12 months

But organisations can improve the effectiveness of their graduate programmes and reduce the premium they pay for graduate talent.

Discover new strategies that can revolutionise your graduate recruitment programme and improve your odds of success by seven times by downloading a complimentary copy of our new eBook Hire and Inspire: A New Approach to Graduate Recruitment.

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