Hire and Inspire the Right Graduate Talent

Employers face tough challenges in recruiting the right graduate talent. High volumes of applicants, from an increasingly global talent pool, make it difficult to identify the right candidates using resource-intensive sifting processes. Graduates also struggle to find their way to the right employer, potentially finding themselves in the wrong organisation and eventually leaving before delivering in the role.

Use Talent Data to Inform Your Graduate Programme Decisions

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Rely on the expertise of the leading provider of graduate recruitment programmes – assessing more than three million graduates per year for organisations of all sizes.

  • Realistic job previews provide engaging, predictive introductions to the role and your organisation
  • Sophisticated online assessment tools help you objectively screen, select and hire the right candidates
  • Cutting edge multimedia technology communicates your employer brand and provides a positive candidate experience
  • Innovative Talent Analytics capability allows you to understand how your attraction and recruitment process stacks up against your competitors
  • Support the development of graduates selected via the assessment process through CEB Development Coach, an easy-to-use scalable cloud-based application
  • Identify and provide structured development activities that target each graduate’s individual needs and maximise on-the-job learning

Secure Faster, Engage and Retain the Right Graduates

The track record of our approach demonstrates tangible business outcomes.

  • Secure top talent faster: hire the right candidates before your competitors
  • Maximise the quality of hires to reduce wasted attraction spend and improve ROI on graduate programmes
  • Increase engagement and retention of new graduate hires, ensuring a pipeline of talent for future business success

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