Recruiting Ahead of Your Talent Needs

Mobilising Talent to Deliver Business Outcomes

Mobilising Talent to Deliver Business Outcomes

There’s simply no time to rest in the HR team. Whilst the rest of the organisation is slowly coming to terms with the festive period being over, the HR team is already engaged in the simultaneous process of closing out the previous year by ensuring business and people reviews are completed, while finalising the New Year budgeting process and starting to define KPIs for the year ahead. It’s at the exact moment that you are thinking “where to start” when the CEO appears with the apparent intention of wishing you a “Happy New Year”, and asks the killer question….”so I know I told the shareholders that this year we were going to grow double digits through launching our new product into Europe, consolidating our manufacturing operations, and hiring great new talent into our sales function, but I was just wondering  whether we actually have the people to do that?”

Do we actually have the people to do that?

Now hopefully this question hasn’t come completely out of the blue and there’s talent data at your fingertips to help address it. Imagine the dream scenario… without hesitation, you open your laptop and show the CEO that you have completed an analysis of the skills that will be required to launch the product and have already established the profile required and hiring processes needed to secure the great talent that will have to be in place by June. You open up another slide deck that articulates the process required to bring together the four different manufacturing plants into one new purpose built location. Then you turn to the work that has already been completed on the sales profile required, the industry benchmarking and salary data, an evaluation of your existing talent and a status report showing how many people you need to hire, and by when, in order to deliver 2018’s commercial goals.

consider the talent you have to deliver on priorities

If some or all of this seems like a stretch, or you’re doing your best to avoid the question, now is definitely the time to take a moment to ensure you have a clear understanding of the organisational priorities and the role that people will play in helping you to achieve these – whether you are accountable for the entire people strategy, or for a component within it such as hiring people or developing existing colleagues. The beginning of the year is the best time to consider the questions of how your company will make money, improve profit margins, create growth, and launch new products or services in the year ahead, and to consider the talent strategies that you have at your disposal to deliver on these priorities. 

You should be asking the questions that will enable you to be well prepared when the CEO comes calling:

  • How well do we understand current talent capability vs required capability to deliver our organisational strategy?  
  • Which are the roles that are critical?  
  • What skills are needed as the company grows?  
  • How will we hire and/or develop these skills in the next 12 months?
  • Are all the people in role that we will need?  Where are the gaps and how will we fill them quickly?
  • How will we measure the performance of individuals now and over time? 
  • What are our success measures for each of our programmes – how will we demonstrate progress over time?   

When we work with clients, our start point is using the Strategic Talent Management (STM) framework to establish links between what your company is trying to achieve and the talent programmes you need to deliver to execute on your company’s strategy. Through this monthly series, we will provide you with tools and information to ensure that your talent strategy remains best-in-class.  

ensure that your recruitment processes are delivering talent

In Q1 we will share our perspective on how to ensure that your recruitment processes are delivering talent which will enable you to meet your future organisational needs and that you have clarity on the outcomes you are expecting your selection process to deliver.  Starting with a focus on who you are hiring will help ensure you have the right people in the right place at the right time to deliver on your organisation’s objectives in 2018.