A New Manager Mandate

From Continuous Coaching to Coaching Connections

What Makes a Good Manager?

For three years, Australian Heads of HR have listed “developing managers” as one of their top three strategic priorities. However, despite increasing investments in managers and their training, HR leaders have nothing to show for it. In fact, manager quality remains a leading cause of attrition in Australia and can cost your company millions of dollars in lost retention every year.

This is due to organisation-wide changes requiring a new development approach. L&D is increasingly asking managers to take an "always on" approach to coaching and developing employees more often and across a broader range of skills. Unfortunately, this approach is not working. Most managers today find themselves overwhelmed and remain ineffective at coaching and developing their employees.

CEB analysis of over 7000 employees and managers across 25 industries in 6 regions identified 4 manager approaches to employee development.

As interesting as it is that all managers fall into one of just four distinctive profiles, it is the second finding of this research that proved to be the most surprising. When each managers impact on employee performance was assessed, one manager profile in particular was found to outperform the others. Whilst conventional wisdom proved to be at the other end of the spectrum, in some cases even being detrimental to employee development.


Four Types of Managers

An Always On manager:

  • Provides frequent feedback
  • Directs employee coaching and development
  • Develops across a breadth of skills

A Teacher manager:

  • Provides advice-oriented feedback
  • Drives employee coaching and development
  • Teaches based on own expertise

A Connector manager:

  • Provides targeted feedback
  • Connects employees to others for coaching and development
  • Creates a positive team development environment

A Cheerleader manager:

  • Provides positive, empowering feedback
  • Encourages employee self-development
  • Has a hands-off approach to development

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