Technology Research and Analyst Expertise for the Financial Services Vendor Community

We help technology and service providers improve their product and marketing strategies with insights and analyses of their customers, competitors, and the entire financial services industry.  We offer annual partnerships and additional services to support providers who work with commercial and retail banks, and wealth management firms.  Learn why executives have turned to us for more than 30 years to:

Improve Go-to-Market Strategy

Strengthen your brand, increase market share, and mobilize sales through targeted solutions.

Enhance Thought Leadership

Increase the credibility of your content marketing with CEB insights.

Increase Awareness and Exposure

Promote your products or services through a variety of live and virtual channels.

Improve Your Product, Sales and Marketing Strategies

We support clients through:

  • Technology reports, data, and industry trends (see example analyses)
  • Access to webinars featuring CEB and CEB TowerGroup research
  • Advisory discussions
  • Briefing with our analysts
  • Permission to use CEB and CEB TowerGroup insights and data in your public-facing materials

Example Analyses

IT Roadmaps

Interactive roadmaps providing a customizable view into predicted financial services technology spending over the next 4 years.

Tech Pulse Analyses

Profiles of how financial institutions have approached a given technology implementation, and the associated challenges and benefits of doing so.

Technology Anatomies

A breakdown of the attributes that specific financial services solutions must contain to be considered world class.

Feature Audits

Lists of current and future functionalities available for specific technologies to help pinpoint "table stakes" vs. "differentiated" features.