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Over the past 10 years, the internet has grown from a fledging channel into the dominant source for new credit card applications, eclipsing direct mail and branch-based cross-sales.

CardTrack allows executives to keep a pulse on the changing credit card environment, ensure their products are remaining competitive, and anticipate where the market is heading.

CardTrack is available for Consumer, Canadian and Small Business Credit Cards. Key feautures include:

  • Weekly Alerts: high frequency changes (APR, loyalty, cashback)
  • Insight Deliverable Every Month: scan the market for trends and build a business case for new offers
  • Raw Data: do a custom analysis around a subset of cards
  • Access to Expert Advice: unlimited access to advice and custom marketing help

"How can I stay ahead of the pace of change in the credit card market?"

Daily Reports — Receive real time information and updates on the latest changes to the competitors’ offerings through real-time daily reports.

"What can I do to ensure the products I offer are competitive and profitable?"

Monthly Analysis — Benchmark your product offering using our monthly in-depth analysis of major internet card offers with information captured for over 200 potential parameters including pricing, benefits, penalties, and rewards.

"How can I interpret the changes?"

Historical Data and Forecasts — Access expert advisors to review marketing collateral and new launches.

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