The New Drivers of Retail Banking Loyalty

Solutions for Technology Executives

Solutions for Technology Executives

Less than 20% of retail IT leaders are confident in how quickly their firms can improve their digital offerings and customer experience.

CEB can help banks speed up the execution of IT projects to build loyalty as customers and markets change.

Aligning to the New Drivers of Retail Banking Loyalty

1. Rethink Sales and Service

Leading firms enable internal partners for growth by aligning the bank's customer data management tools to revenue- and service-focused business objectives.

2. Respond to Customer Needs

To be more responsive to shifting customer demands, progressive banks are embracing the Adaptive IT model, which emphasizes flexibility, judgment, and collaboration.

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3. Align the Customer Experience

Many banking technologies undermine what customers want most - an easy experience that enhances the management of their finances. The best IT functions focus their metrics and processes around reducing customer effort.

4. Prepare for the Future

As digital channels become the norm, IT will be called upon to add new capabilities and foster a culture of innovation. IT leaders are boosting innovation by helping the bank reorganize intenally to provide more digital services.

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