The New Drivers of Retail Banking Loyalty

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Nearly 40% of digitally-oriented customers purchase products after learning about a financial need, not after a specific life event created a need.

CEB can help retail banking leaders build customer loyalty by aligning to the new "how and why" of purchase behavior.

Aligning to the New Drivers of Retail Banking Loyalty

1. Rethink Sales and Service

Digital customers have shifted to a learning-driven purchase process, and leading providers are integrating their sales and service models into this new flow of customer learning.

2. Respond to Customer Needs

Technology can connect customers to the bank no matter where they are, which requires new approaches to offer design, sales management, and coordination across channels.

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Cross-Sales Capability Assessment Tool to evaluate your organization’s effectiveness at enabling customer learning

Geographic Customer Alignment Tool to inform your customer strategy with geographically-based data

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3. Align the Customer Experience

In a digital world, live service is a source of disloyalty. Non-personal services are now driving customer loyalty, and banks must ensure their digital experience aligns to what keeps customers coming back.

4. Prepare for the Future

Technologies that enables financial management tasks create value, but task needs vary across customer segments. Banks should tailor their digital offerings to the distinct needs of the highest-opportunity segments.

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Insights on customer trends and preferences across key segments

Best Practices in customer segmentation strategy