CEB Financial Services Summits

20-22 April 2016, Boston

14-15 September 2016, Singapore

3-4 November 2016, London

Review Highlights from the April 20-22, 2016 event in Boston.

Reimagining Loyalty: Leveraging Technology to Earn Deep Relationships

Across financial services, relationships are becoming increasingly thin and fragmented. In fact, our data shows that since 2010, customers expanded the number of firms they use by one-third or more, putting significant pressure on profitability. Furthermore, a greater number of those relationships are with nonfinancial institutions as customers rely on alternative providers for payments, financial advice, and other services.

Technology is a significant driver of this fragmentation.  However, it has fundamentally changed how customers manage their financial needs and must also be at the heart of the solution.

This year’s summit will enable financial institutions to understand what “loyalty” means in the digital era. And, in turn, how technology helps financial firms earn deep relationships through delivering more personalized, timely, and accessible offers.

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