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Consumer Financial Monitor

Understand Consumer Trends Impacting Your Business

CEB's Consumer Financial Monitor findings from the second half of 2014 reveal that growth opportunities for banks within key age and wealth segments are still limited. While sentiment is improving in some regions, levels of proactive financial management activities are stagnant for most consumer segments around the world.

Mass Market and Mass Affluent Segment Opportunities

When considered in terms of "winnability," our segmentation reveals two distinct opportunities for providers: the balance sheet managers and the builders.

Balance sheet managers are customers who have a high incidence of life events and needs on both sides of the balance sheet, and are more likely to have purchased a financial product in the last year.

Builders are a segment whose size, wealth trajectory, density of needs, and openness to providers offers the opportunity for mutually-beneficial relationships. While individual builders do not have large amounts of assets, their overall size and product purchase patterns as a market make them an attractive revenue opportunity for banks.

High Net Worth Segment Opportunities

Across all regions and wealth segments, high-net-worth (HNW) consumers have the highest levels of confidence in their financial providers as well as the highest levels of activity. They are also more satisfied with the products and services offered by their financial services providers than Mass Market or Mass Affluent consumers, however the difference is not as large now as it was previously.

The 18-48 year old age group accounts for a significant portion of the HNW population and will become more valuable as their wealth grows. Despite the opportunities, nearly 3/4 of wealthy Gen X/Y clients don't currently use an advisor and 36% of them are interested in working with an advisor in the next year. Encouragingly for banks, younger investors are more willing to pay for advice than older customer segments are.