Boost Sales Force Efficiency

Why Now?

While sales expense has not traditionally been included in cost reduction efforts, today’s margin conscious executive recognizes the magnitude of sales expense and seeks to generate a strong return for it.

This shift is rapidly redefining the profile of a high performing RM that requires a new success model focused on delivering efficient sales through tools, time, and teams. Todays’ top performers are:

  • Using technology tools to give them better leverage while staying “connected” to their manager;
  • Spending their time on the high value activities that they are best suited to perform; and

Leveraging internal teams and networks to extend their capacity and effectiveness.

CEB Research, Tools and Workshops to Help You

Participate in our Sales Force Efficiency Assessment and Benchmark, to enable visibility into your firm's key sales-related performance gaps and surface essential development areas benchmarked to peer institutions.

Learn how to create a specialized sales strategy through our webinar, Building a High-Impact Specialization Strategy

Partner with an Advisor to lead an on-site workshop to update your sales force strategy based on your sales force’s performance and capabilities profile