Navigate Customer Loyalty

Increase Your Share of the Customer's Wallet

A typical commercial bank is expecting 1% revenue growth, but what if you could exponentially boost growth at your bank? Our new research shows you how – and it’s a matter of priorities.

While banks still prioritize sales effectiveness, our research shows that customers now make final buying decisions based on how well a product drives results for them. Customers reward banks that intervene in their buying to change their outcomes. They don’t reward banks that are simply present and available.  

Download Navigate Customer Loyalty and learn about the new role of product as differentiator, nestled within the customer’s workflow, and how prioritizing products as a source of distinction can create stickiness for the customer. 

Top Drivers of Increases in Customer Share of Wallet

Purchase Process

  • Provide a quick purchase experience
  • Provides an easy-to-follow and uncomplicated purchase process

Relationship Manager

  • Offers a unique perspective on business financial issues
  • Communicates the value received in exchange for price
  • Teaches valuable things about the business
  • Negotiates by having great knowledge of all options


  • Solves problems in a clear and logical way
  • Providers products and services that help me achieve business outcomes
  • Promotes continuous engagement