Capturing the Full Potential of Sales

Solutions for Technology Executives

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Banks often struggle to provide new products and services because nearly 90% of their technology spend is tied up in system operations and compliance.

CEB can help commercial banks get more value from existing technology by using data to extract insights into new revenue opportunities and enable the sales team.

Capturing the Full Potential of Commercial Banking Sales

1. Identify New Opportunities

Progressive banks use compliance systems for more than controls and monitoring. They also mine the data these systems collect to identify new product and sales opportunities.

2. Improve the Customer Experience

To capitalize on growth in commercial credit, banks must make loan systems more customer friendly. Improving technical capabilities and automation can help protect market share from non-traditional lenders.

How We Help:

Diagnostics to assess anti-money laundering (AML) and lending technology capabilities 

Best Practices on turning compliance activity into customer insight

Technology & Vendor Analyses of AML and commercial loan origination systems


3. Adapt to Address "Why Buy"

Regulatory scrutiny and fierce competition are changing the expectations of IT. Many banks are now looking for IT to help revamp operating models, manage risk, and capture new business opportunities.

4. Prepare for the Future

IT will ultimately be the foundation for growth and innovation, not only in terms of product and service development, but also enabling frontline performance and sales.

How We Help:

Executive Events focused on Instilling A Culture of Innovation in Commercial Banking

IT Roadmap for the future of commercial banking