Capturing the Full Potential of Sales

Solutions for Business Executives

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Business customers are 57% of the way through their purchase decision by the time they contact a financial services provider.

CEB can help commercial banks engage customers earlier in the purchase process with a compelling "why buy" story that leads customers to their products and not a competitor's.

Capturing the Full Potential of Commercial Banking Sales

1. Identify New Opportunities

Win customers over by teaching them new things about their business. Bringing this insight into sales conversation helps ensure the relevance of your products throughout the buying process.

2. Improve the Customer Experience

Leading banks train and coach their relationship managers on creativity and assertiveness - competencies that align to the Challenger™ profile of the most successful sales executives.

How We Help:

RM Productivity Benchmarks to assess the engagement and performance of your sales force

Challenger™ Sales Tools including assessments, coaching frameworks, and interview behavior guides


3. Adapt to Address "Why Buy"

The most successful banks lead customers to products through customer-centric sales and marketing that addresses "why to buy" at every step.

4. Prepare for the Future

As customer demands and preferences evolve, progressive banks are building new capabilities to reshape how they interact with customers and stay ahead of competitors.

How We Help:

Insights on performance, behaviors, and preferences of today's business owners

Best Practices for transforming channel capabilities to meet new customer preferences