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Retail Banking: Before Investing in Analytics, Make Sure it Will Boost Customer Engagement
Banks are investing millions of dollars in collecting and analyzing data but they must be clear about reasons for the investment: keeping hold of customers or improving customer relationships. Mon Jul 24 03:00:56 EDT 2017
2 Ways Danske Bank is Responding to Fintech Competition
All banks are having to find a response to upstart start-ups that are using a combination of technology and new thinking to change the industry. Danske Bank is making big strides. Thu Jul 20 03:00:37 EDT 2017
Wealth Management: Front Line Advisers Should Be in Charge of Client Segmentation
Profitability is hard to come by in the wealth management industry right now. Client segmentation is a good way to improve matters, but front line staff should be consulted throughout the process. Wed Jul 05 03:00:23 EDT 2017
Commercial Banking: Fintech and Cooperating with the Competition
More and more banks are cooperating with fintechs rather than trying to compete. 10 examples here show the wealth of opportunity there is to do so, whether it's to do with payments or lending or treasury management. Wed Jun 21 03:00:58 EDT 2017

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