finance data and reporting

Finance Data and Reporting

Promote Financially-Informed Decisions

9 in 10 finance teams generate useless reports, and yet management reporting is Finance’s best opportunity to promote financially informed decisions.

Many finance teams think that real-time reporting will fix things, but the better way forward is to make reports more relevant.

To improve data relevancy, Finance should focus on two key areas:

  1. Creating insightful reporting: Leading teams don't deliver precise and definitive recommendations, but rather they disrupt conventional wisdom, illustrate financial trade-offs, and anticipate decisions.
  2. Improving forecasts: Leading teams use rolling forecasting to provide greater visibility into future outcomes and better identifies risks and opportunities.


What the Best Companies Do

More than 50% of executives misuse financial analysis for strategic decisions. Learn how FP&A can improve the business' ability to use analysis.

Learn to Improve Financial Analysis

The best companies review the relevance of financial data to ensure they are providing data that helps the business make better decisions.

Assess Your Financial Data

The best companies use rolling forecasting to provide greater visibility into future outcomes, better identify risks and opportunities, and inform operational and strategic decisions.

Download our Rolling Forecasts Do's and Don'ts Guide

The best companies build dashboards by selecting metrics that have a strong relationship with key strategic objectives and enterprise performance.

See the Most Commonly Tracked Performance Metrics

Improving Finance Data and Reporting: We Can Help

CEB offers step-by-step how-to guides for data & reporting, forecasting, and finance analytics. Such support can help you and your finance team increase data access, avoid wasting time and money on producing useless reports, promote financially informed decision making, and increase returns on finance analytics investments.

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