3-step growth strategy

3-Step Growth Strategy

Four in five CEOs expect CFOs to act as a “strategic business partner.”

Despite increased expectation, three out of four CFOs ultimately lack confidence that their strategy has actually positioned the company to achieve its long-term profitable growth goals.

While CFOs excel at directing their teams to build a financial plan, they struggle to influence their companies’ growth trajectory.

Complete the form to the right to download the 3-Step Growth Strategy, which outlines how to collaborate with the business to:

  • Assess the current strategic position by clarifying the external environment and internal capabilities
  • Select growth priorities by setting standard criteria that prioritize what drives enterprise value
  • Design an optimal strategic plan that focuses on a small set of initiatives

Growth Strategy: We Can Help

  • Build and execute against a strategic plan that drives efficient growth using proven practices from your peers.
  • Schedule a conversation with a CEB advisor to identify specific action steps to support your growth strategy.
  • Take advantage of our live and online training, implementation tools and templates, and benchmarking opportunities

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