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Planning & Budgeting: CFO's Guide to Driving Growth

30% of growth potential lost due to poor planning and execution

As midsized companies kick off the 2017 planning & budgeting process, they face aggressive top- and bottom-line growth expectations. Many will leave ~30% of growth potential on the table due to poor strategic planning and execution.

The CFO's Role in Driving Growth

CFOs at midsized companies are uniquely positioned to provide guardrails in the planning process and force trade-offs about what matters most—freeing up resources to develop the capabilities needed for success.

CFOs at midsized companies lead the top 3 activities for driving growth:

  1. Get commitment to priorities from all stakeholders
  2. Force trade-offs during budgeting to fund priorities
  3. Constantly reinforce the priorities through performance tracking

What the Best CFOs Do

Three out of four CFOs lack confidence that their strategy has actually positioned the company to achieve its long-term profitable growth goals.

Download CEB's 3 Step Guide to Growth in 2017

Cutting costs is not always the answer to meeting aggressive top-and bottom-line goals. Analyze, prioritize, and improve your planning & budgeting process to ensure you know where to cut and where to continue to spend for growth.

Download Reducing Personnel Costs Do's and Don'ts Guide

Today's fastest growing midsized companies treat SG&A investments differently than their peers. See how your spending compares to other midsized companies.

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Leading CFOs establish a process to objectively evaluate capital investments and select investments to fund based on financial, strategic, and risk-based criteria.

CEB's Guide to Screening Capital Investments can help you shortlist project proposals based on their overall attractiveness to the company.

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Improving Planning and Budgeting: We Can Help

CEB offers step-by-step how-to guides for planning & budgeting. Such support can help you and your finance team increase the return on the operational budget.

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