Increasing the Value of Shared Services

Build a Shared Services Problem Solving Culture: Beyond Skill, Cultivating Will

61% of the shared services workforce excels at or is good at problem solving, and those who excel at problem solving have significantly more impact in contributing to shared services value than any other competency. Additionally, less than half of employees are willing to put in the needed effort to create value. Therefore, while shared services has the skill to problem solve, the solution to drive more problem solving lies in cultivating will and building a problem solving culture.

Download this presentation to learn the building blocks of problem solving culture and actionable ways in which your organization can unleash talent to solve the right problems.

State of the Function for 2015: Trends in Finance in Cost & Performance

Overhead cost management is becoming increasingly difficult as companies become more complex. Based on research from over 350 leading organizations, companies are failing to manage costs as judgment-based work continues to increase. How is your organization managing these challenges? What changes can you make to optimize the performance of your finance department?

Download this presentation to learn seven common mistakes by leading finance organizations; the connection between cost, headcount, and complexity; and how to measure the value finance delivers to the business.

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