problem solving culture

Build a Shared Services Problem Solving Culture

"Problem solving” is the single most valuable skill shared services' teams can have to deliver higher value to the business.

A "problem solver” accurately identifies the core issue of why a goal is not met, analyses potential causes, evaluates all possible options, and selects the most effective solution.

61% of the shared services workforce are good at problem solving, but less than half of staff are willing to put in the effort needed to deliver more value.

Building a problem-solving culture is critical to accelerating the impact of Shared Services.

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CEB Shared Services Leadership Council has made our organization much more efficient by helping us identify what good looks like. It’s opened our eyes to what’s really possible and how far some of the best practices have developed, some of the technology, and just new thought as to what a true global multifunctional shared services operation could look like.

AJ Bernstein, Vice President, Global Strategic Shared Services

Acxiom Corporation