The New Way to Manage G&A Spend

The Challenge of Rising G&A Costs

CFOs today are under pressure to reduce G&A costs while growing their company; however, less than 10% of organizations can consistently expand both revenue and margins.

Two factors drive overhead costs and make maintaining margins difficult:

  • Changing Nature of G&A Work: G&A functions must evolve to deliver more strategic value to businesses.
  • Growing Complexity of Organizations: Organizations are becoming more complex, both geographically and organizationally.

Unfortunately, traditional cost management tools cannot provide the depth of granularity or value assessment needed to improve efficiency of G&A work.

Organizations that transform their approach to cost management in line with the changing nature of G&A expenses are significantly more likely to succeed.

Getting Started

Categorize G&A activities to determine value delivered in relation to cost.

Learn how Ford adapted its budgeting models to support its growth.

Understand the most common mistakes in overhead cost management and how to avoid them.