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Quarterly Journal for Finance, Risk, and Strategy


Welcome to Fi|r|st, a journal to help your organization address its biggest business problems—the challenges that require broad mobilization of the C-suite and executive teams.

Fi|r|st stands for finance, risk, and strategy—where action, and the best ideas to inform that action, must cut across functional lines. It stands as well for our aim to be first with counsel that equips your enterprise to manage disruptive change.

Success stems from good planning. Download the latest journal to explore questions like:

  • What if the company could easily pour money into the most promising growth bets at just the right time for outsized success?
  • What if the organization wove risk and innovation into a framework that puts opportunity front and center?
  • What if assurance functions like Compliance, Risk, and Audit stopped weighing down the business with near-identical requests?

Full list of articles featured in this issue:

  • The Cutting Edge: A Fi|r|st Look at New Research
  • The Tech and Talent Agenda
  • Make Growth Funding More Flexible
  • Hit the Risk-Innovation Sweet Spot
  • Align Assurance by Coordinating the "Cooks in the Kitchen"
  • Speed Up the Smart Way
  • Understand the Causes of Slow Action
  • Set Your Speed Priorities: Weigh Effort and Impact to Decide Which Slow Corporate Tasks to Accelerate First
  • Get Ready for the Onslaught of New Privacy Rules: 3 Efficient Steps
  • Agree with the Board on When to Escalate Concerns
  • Don't Obsesss Over Forecast Accuracy: Instead, Evaluate Business Forecasts for Credibility
  • Audit Hot Spots for 2018

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