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Articles in this issue:

  • The Cutting Edge: A Fi|r|st Look at New Research
  • 8 Corporate Risks That Will Reshape Functions
  • Procurement's New Deal: Let the Business Buy
  • Audit Must Knock Down Walls: Combine Data and Partnership for Fast Change
  • Legal Breaks the Mold: Fewer Law Firms, More Software
  • Real Estate's Mandate: Tech That Uncovers Workplace Needs
  • The Digital Business Needs a Very Different Finance Function
  • 25 Questions to Help You Choose and Manage a Tech Vendor
  • 3 Ways to Get Employees Using That Technology You Bought
  • Build Structures for Cross-Functional Collaboration
  • The Collaboration-Speed Matrix: Where Bottlenecks Form
  • 4 New Ways to Gain an Edge With HIPOs
  • Avoid Growth Stalls: Root Causes Have Changes Since the Recession
  • Following the Footsteps of 4 Tech Giants That Remade Business: A Q&A With Scott Galloway, the author of The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google.

About Fi|r|st Quarterly Journal

Fi|r|st is a journal designed to help your organization address challenges that require broad mobilization of the C-suite and executive teams. Published quarterly, the journal features the latest research, interviews, profiles and infographics.

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