eliminating the misuse of financial analysis

Eliminate the Misuse of Financial Analysis

The misuse of financial analysis can cost companies up to 1% of revenue.

More than 50% of business partners misinterpret financial analysis when making decisions.

The consequence of misusing FP&A’s analysis is three-fold:

  • FP&A executives personally fail to deliver on the promise of FP&A.
  • The ROI on FP&A’s analytic investments trends negative.
  • Companies lose up to 1% of revenue per decision.

FP&A Owns a Big Share of the Problem

Many FP&A leaders attribute misuse of analysis to the organizational culture, something that is outside FP&A’s expertise and ability to change. However, our research finds exactly the opposite.

The leading cause of misuse is the quality of financial analysis itself.

Good Analysis Is Problem-Focused, Not Answer-Focused

Leading FP&A teams are shifting from an answer-focused approach to a problem-focused approach, not only improving the business’ ability to use financial analysis but delivering 2x as much value.

Learn how FP&A teams can improve financial analysis to help the business double returns.

Review this infographic to learn why today's financial analysis isn't working and how to improve.

Hear how FP&A teams have improved the quality of financial analysis.

Check out strategies for how to improve your financial analysis.

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