Build the Finance Team for 2020

Optimize Behaviors and Roles

Inadequately skilled finance staff is one of the greatest impediments to building an effective decision support organization. Senior finance executives are increasingly worried about the impact of widening skill gaps on corporate (and personal) performance, but don't know the appropriate steps to close those gaps.

To build an adequately skilled team, finance leaders must first properly define optimal behaviors and roles at each level, and then allocate finance staff accordingly.

CEB Finance Leadership Council

Membership to CEB Finance Leadership Council provides access to decision-support tools, advisory services, and networking opportunities to inform organizational changes in talent strategy. Ways we can help include:



  • Hiring criteria review
  • Interview guides and case studies
  • Job descriptions library
  • Drivers of finance employee attraction
  • Best practices for building a talent brand

Training and Development

  • Custom training curriculums with our online CPE-accredited courses
  • Develop new internal training
  • Finance ChallengerTM boot camps
  • CEB Finance Leadership Academy


  • Best practices to create a coaching program
  • Coaching Absorption Diagnostic





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Succession Management

  • Templates to build a succession management strategy
  • Senior leadership Departure Risk Assessment
  • Finance Talent Assessment to identify top talent
  • Playbooks to develop successors
  • Virtual coaching workshops

Retention and Engagement

  • Playbook to enhance your rotational program
  • Drivers of finance employee engagement
  • Rewards and incentives database

Performance Management

  • Best practices on identifying, managing, and engaging HIPOs
  • Templates to standardize and enhance performance management processes
  • Library of annual objectives for finance
  • Best practices for compensation, incentives, and recognition
  • Tools to help finance managers deliver actionable performance feedback


Webinar: Finding Top-Tier Analytical Talent for Finance

Hear strategies and success stories on hiring the right mix of analytical staff.