Finance Transformation

Nearly 75% of CFOs Are in the Middle of Transforming Their Finance Departments

Finance teams are being asked to do more today than ever before—driving organizations to launch massive transformation projects in an attempt to decrease cost and add value. But the harsh reality is that two out of three finance transformation projects fail.

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What do the most successful companies do differently?

The best finance teams view the function as a profit center. They measure cost, value, and finance service levels in tandem, all while hiring and developing the finance competencies that matter most to deliver value to the business.

Through this approach, they determine which services are most profitable and stop providing those that are not. In essence, instead of trying to “do more with less,” leading finance teams “do better with less.”

How We Help

Our Finance Transformation support is uniquely positioned to guide finance organizations through the entire finance transformation process, from diagnosing business partner needs and desired outcomes to developing a detailed finance strategy and aligning it with business needs.

Complete our interactive diagnostic to measure the effectiveness of your organization's Finance Transformation initiatives, and receive a custom report that includes an action plan, peer use cases, and sample resources.

Whitepaper - A New Standard for Transforming Finance

Adopting the Disciplines of a Profit Center

finance transformation whitepaper

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