Finance Transformation

Finance Performance Benchmarks: Holistically Assess Your Finance Function's Performance

The Finance Performance Benchmarks are designed to help finance functions reallocate resources to their most important services by identifying ways to improve:

  • Scope and Quality of Nine Finance Sub Functions and Processes: Compare the volume and quality of your finance services to that of your top performing peers and identify areas where you are over- or under-serving your business.
  • Systems, Structure and Design: Compare your systems maturity, organization structure, and caliber of talent to that of peers and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Cost and Head Count Structure: Compare your cost and staffing structure to that of your top-performing peers and identify areas of over- and under-spend.
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Function-Specific Data Cuts from Our Finance Performance Benchmarks


Download our playbooks learn how your team can "Do BETTER with Less," and see function-specific data-cuts from our Finance Performance Benchmarks.


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