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CEB's Finance Transformation support provides you and your team with guidance at any phase of finance transformation. Based on research around best practices, we have identified the 13 components that make up the entire finance transformation process. 

Complete this interactive tool to measure the effectiveness of your organization's Finance Transformation initiatives, and receive a custom report that includes an action plan, peer use cases, and sample resources.

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How We’re Different

  1. We’re Not Consultants: Our experts empower your project team with data and advisory services so your organization retains important knowledge when projects end. Also, we don’t have general advisors; we have sub-function and process experts (and they’re unlimited).
  2. We’re Objective: Because our memberships have a flat fee, we have the incentive to give you the right answers, not the answers that lead you to increase your spend with us.
  3. We’re Member Driven: The advice and tactics we share come from member executives who are tackling the same challenges as you. You can also attend live member events where you can interact with and learn directly from your peers.