Finance Skills for the Future

Finance Skills for the Future

Closing the Finance Guidance Gap

More than 80% of instances where revenue stalls can be linked directly to one key controllable factor—talent.

To succeed today, CFOs must build finance skills for the future. But many struggle to identify the next generation of finance leaders, those capable of guiding the business to profitable growth.

  • What finance skills are needed to win?
  • How do I assess the finance skills of my team?
  • What finance job descriptions attract top talent?
  • How do I develop finance skills for the future?
  • How can I improve manager coaching?

Build Finance Skills for the Future

Identify Key Skills

Learn how to hire, develop, and manage the finance competencies that matter most.

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Assess Finance Skills

Listen to our conversation with Kaiser Permanente to get practical advice for assessing finance skills.

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Recruit Analytical Talent

Play a 60-minute virtual presentation on finding finance talent with top-tier analytic skills.

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Finance Skills for the Future: We Can Help

We help CFOs and their teams make better talent decisions, improving overall productivity and impact.

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What Executives Are Saying

It’s no longer possible to hide behind data and reporting. Our team is now rated on its judgment and its advice to the business.

Kevin Lyons, 2nd VP FP&A Retirement Solutions


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[Your talent management tools are] complementary to what we want to do internally, to develop our capabilities, as well to find the best talent out there.

Bart van den Huijsen, Executive Director, Global Strategic Planning and Business Control