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Key Imperatives for Finance in 2015

Finance 2020: Redesigning Finance to Win

If you had the chance to redesign finance from the ground up in 2015, what would it look like? How would it support your company’s forecasted business growth and changes in operating complexity?

Finance improvement initiatives have become short-term and reactionary at many top corporations. As companies change G&A budgets and corporate structure finance teams, 76% of finance teams are currently undergoing “transformations” to take out costs, improve processes, and implement technology. These piecemeal changes, however, often leave most finance teams investing in one off capabilities, rather than building around long-term competencies needed to effectively support rapidly evolving business needs.

What will define the top-tier finance functions by 2020? And what investments are organizations making now to ensure their success?

Drive Greater Business Value

To increase the chances of transformation success and unlock more business value in 2015, finance executives must deliver on these key imperatives.

Download our ebook 2015 Key Imperatives for Finance Executives to learn how you can drive greater business impact this year by:

  • Redesign to Support Critical Business Decisions
  • Fixing Finance Analytics
  • Consolidating Fragmented Analytics
  • Developing a Culture of Problem Solving
  • Improving Tax Value Creation
  • Transforming Your Financial Brand