CEB Ignition™ Diagnostic for Finance:
A Faster Path

Finance Activity Map

Activity Map

There are a lot of opportunities (and demands) for Finance functions to improve performance over the next year. But, while Finance leaders want to focus resources in areas that will deliver disproportionate returns, few have a clear plan for doing so.

So, how can Finance leaders target the critical activities that will ultimately give the greatest payoffs?

Download our Finance Activity Map to learn more about the 32 activities that are essential for running an effective Finance organization and how we can help you set clear priorities for improvement in your strategic plan.

Assessing Your Function

This Finance Activity Map is part of a larger diagnostic service CEB provides to members. The CEB IgnitionTM Diagnostic for Finance provides a peer-based framework, informed by years of practical, in-depth research, to measure the maturity of management practices for the finance function.  The diagnostic will enable you to:

  • Prioritize: Understand your critical maturity gaps and prioritize areas of improvement.
  • Plan: Identify next steps for critical areas and plan a path to desired maturity.
  • Accelerate Execution: Easily understand your report and execute next steps with a walk-through and guidance from our Executive Advisor™ team.

As a result, members understand the path to improve performance and get help to take action.