Improving Financial Data Management:
Accounting's Role In Driving Value

Only 20% of accounting data is considered valuable by business partners.

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Most stakeholders say they find financial data hard to understand, lacking context, or simply not applicable to business needs.

When executives don't understand financial data (information sources, availability, definitions, and quality) they misinterpret the facts, drawing inaccurate conclusions which leads them to make unprofitable decisions.

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  • Developing enterprise-wide financial data platforms that are accessible and intuitive
  • Creating accounting-sponsored data training for groups across the business
  • Leveraging data architecture benchmarking and diagnosis for finance IT systems

How Useful is Your Financial Data?

Have you assessed the relevance of your financial data? Do you know if your data is helping the business make better decisions?

CEB's Financial Data Management Assessment can help you assess the relevance of your financial data and show you where to improve.