Assessing Your Finance Talent:
Lessons from Kaiser Permanente

Effective finance teams do more than just report and control—they create vision, develop strategies, and communicate ideas.

75% of CFOs believe their teams lack the skills to help the organization make the right decisions.

Listen to this Finance Talent webinar replay, featuring the CFO of Kaiser Permanente–Information Technology.

You will learn the 5 key categories of non-technical skills finance professionals use to help the business make better decisions and why the typical finance team is weak in those areas.

You will hear from the CFO from Kaiser Permanente–Information Technology on how they utilized CEB Finance Talent Assessment to:

  • Identify opportunities to strengthen the competencies of their finance team
  • Select where to invest and focus development efforts
  • Build the finance capabilities needed to deliver services to achieve sustainable growth, affordability, and care transformation

Webinar Replay

Assessing Your Finance Talent: Lessons from Kaiser Permanente

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