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CEB's Finance practice includes finance professionals from the world's leading companies. The best practices, training, and workflow support offered helps finance leaders as they strive to become more valuable business partners, develop their teams, and transform finance to drive profitable growth.

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Accounting & Reporting: 3 Ideas for a More Efficient Close
Closing the books quickly and competently is one of the oldest and most fundamental tasks in business but many firms still have room to improve: the best close their books in about four days, but the average company takes eight. Three steps will help them improve. 10 Feb 2016
What CFOs Can Learn from Peyton Manning
Peyton Manning will undoubtedly be a happy man this morning as he reflects on becoming the oldest quarterback in history to win the Super Bowl. And although corporate finance and the NFL may have little in common, CFOs can learn from his glittering career. 08 Feb 2016
Tax: 5 Things CFOs Should Know About the BEPS Action Plan
Although no-one's certain what the outcome of the OECD's "Base Erosion and Profit Shifting" tax reforms will be, it will certainly mean some big changes for corporate tax and finance functions. 03 Feb 2016

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