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Corporate Finance: How to Advance and Retain Women in Leadership Roles
It's not only the glass ceiling to blame; women leave the workforce at all rungs of the career ladder. Companies that change their recruitment and retention tactics will greatly boost performance. Mon Jul 03 03:00:22 EDT 2017
How the GE-PwC Deal Will Work and What It Means for the Tax Function
GE's groundbreaking deal with PwC to transfer 600 of its full time tax professionals to the accountancy firm made many sit up and listen. It may offer a way forward to some companies, but not a lot. Thu Jun 29 03:00:15 EDT 2017
How To Help Employees Work Faster
Big companies are in a bind; they find themselves at the mercy of more nimble competitors at the same time as their internal processes are slowing down considerably. Fri Jun 23 03:00:28 EDT 2017

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