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We help executives grow and improve their businesses by providing actionable insights and proven best practices from companies in the middle market space. We develop tools based on lessons learned to enable executives to approach and overcome their most pressing business challenges in areas like talent management, risk mitigation, growth acceleration, and innovation.

Accelerating Corporate Clock Speed

Why Faster, Better Technology Drives Business Agility

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The Procurement Executive Cohort

Exclusively for Heads of Procurement. The Procurement Executive Cohort provides powerful learning, networking and benchmarking opportunities targeted for Procurement executives tasked with transforming the function at midsized companies.

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CEB Webinar Series

Learn what the best companies do by taking advantage of our webinar series, which features complimentary sessions across the corporate suite.


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Client Testimonials for Midsized Companies

Hear how CEB members from midsized companies use our services to transform operations.

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