After years of focus on the "above and beyond" service mentality, CEB’s research of tens of thousands of customers globally across multiple industries and customer types indicates there is virtually no difference at all between the loyalty of customers whose expectations are exceeded in service interactions and those whose expectations are simply met.

Create Loyalty by Reducing Customer Effort

ICMI Customer Contact Expo 2014

Join CEB's Matt Dixon for his keynote presetation on Thursday at 8:30 AM. During the session, Matt reveals three findings:

Finding 1 - Delight Doesn't Pay: Exceeding expectations during service interactions has negligible impact on customer loyalty.

Finding 2 - Service Drives Disloyalty:  Customer service interactions are nearly four times more likely to lead to disloyalty than loyalty.  This is because 96 percent of customers who put forth high effort to resolve their issues are more disloyal.

Finding 3 - Mitigate Disloyalty By Reducing Customer Effort: Service organizations create loyal customers primarily by reducing customer effort – i.e. helping them solve their problems quickly and easily – not by delighting them in service interactions.

Download the full presentation to learn how the best companies are responding to these findings and achieving superior business results by reducing customer effort in service interactions.

Making More Effective Customer Contact Leaders

Join our other sessions to hear insights that upend conventional wisdom and change the way customer service/support leaders address long-standing and emerging business challenges

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