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Best Of 2015 CEB Sales and Marketing Summit

Register today for the “Best of Summit” webinar series, highlighting some of the top-rated sessions from this years 2015 CEB Sales and Marketing Summit.

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LinkedIn Webinar - The Challenger Customer

Join LinkedIn and CEB’s Brent Adamson, co-author of the newly released The Challenger Customer, as we discuss the key findings from the new buyer research and how it impacts both sales and marketing.

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Replicating High-Performing Marcomms

We analyzed over 250 marcomm initiatives from around the world to see what sets the best campaigns apart. Find out if your campaigns contain the right elements to exceed expectations.

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Accelerating Corporate Clock Speed

Why Faster, Better Technology Drives Business Agility

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Webinar Replay: Mind the (Talent) Gap

Listen as we share the talent imperative facing marketing leaders, covering the emerging skills and characteristics of marketers able to succeed in this new environment.

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Who You Calling Affluent?

There are 26 million high-income and affluent households in the US. Yet many brands fail to connect with this treasure trove of consumers.

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Order Your Copy Today: The Challenger Customer

Being a Challenger seller isn't enough. Your success or failure also depends on who you Challenge.

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Special Report: The Challenger Customer

How can sales and marketing teams overcome the key challenge of B2B selling today? New research featured in the September issue of B2B Marketing magazine.

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Are You a Consensus Builder?

Take our short quiz to find out whether you're taking the right steps to build consensus, and download a copy of our article from the latest issue of Harvard Business Review.

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The Challenger Sale - German Edition

CEB's international besteller on how to win in today's challenging sales environment is now available in German.

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Changing Critical Perceptions

Create compelling communications content that breaks through the noise and changes stakeholder perceptions.

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Driving Marketing Excellence

Take part in our webinar series to hear how leading teams are assessing and developing the next generation of marketers.

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Inside the Millennial Mind

Everyone is trying to tap into the millennial mind; how can brands ensure they don't miss the mark?

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Challenger™ Marketing

The new approach to demand generation, based on our book The Challenger Sale, is helping its marketers stand out in a noisy marketplace.

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