The Communicator's New Reality
Building a Change-Ready Organization

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The Pain of Change

In the last 6 months, 82% of employees experienced significant change at their organization. What's more – they often don't even have a chance to recover from one change before being faced with another. The accumulated impact of such change has significant implications on a company's bottom line.

A Communicator's Opportunity: Drive Agility, Not Buy–In

The Common Response — Secure Buy-In: Traditional change management efforts focus on the cascade of messages from leadership to managers to the employee. The goal of these efforts is to secure employee "buy-in" for a particular change primarily by reducing recovery time after a major change. But, the next change comes too quickly to allow for meaningful recovery.

The Better Response — Create Agile Employees: Instead of responsive employees who wait to follow directions and change when told, organizations need "agile" employees. These agile employees proactively adapt, learn from others, seek feedback, and support their peers. Agile employees act this way because they are in control of their own response to a changing environment. They are drivers of change, not simply its begrudging objects.

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