Organizing IT… Again

Video Screenshot - IT Organization: End-to-End Services

Reorganizing IT is nothing new. Yet with each reorganization IT functions still struggle to achieve the desired results. This is because the traditional parameters used in IT organizations are wrong.

  • Are you still aligning IT capabilities into technology categories?
  • Are you still communicating IT's value in terms of on-time/on-budget projects?
  • Are you still scrambling to keep up with rapid-fire requests from the business?

End-to-end IT services restructuring changes all of this.

End-to-End IT Services Defined

Instead of organizing IT around technical capabilities, end-to-end IT services organize IT around key business needs.

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How Can CEB Help Your IT Organization?

CEB will show you not only how to implement services, but also the landmines to avoid. Learn how to overcome the challenges others have faced such as badly defined services, complex governance, and poor migration planning.

IT organizations have spent 2 years wasting their time trying to get this right. Learn how other IT organizations have approached and implemented this successfully.

CEB will help you create and implement an end-to-end IT services strategy from start to finish. Learn more.

Why now?

IT organizations that do not implement end-to-end IT services will struggle to meet business needs for fast changing, innovative projects like mobile, collaboration, and analytics. Those that do successfully implement this new model estimate up to a 17% reduction in IT operating budget after a four year transition period.