Meet CEB IT Roadmap Builder

CEB IT Roadmap Builder is a workflow and decision support solution helping IT leaders develop and maintain their technology, service, and capability roadmaps.

As a result, IT organizations are better equipped to mitigate risk and improve their collaboration, budgeting, and planning processes.

A Better Way To...

  • Create standardized roadmaps

  • Identify technology redundancies
  • Benchmark technology plans against peers'
  • Connect IT projects to business goals
  • Customize roadmaps for different audiences
  • Engage business partners in IT plans

What's New

CEB's Technology Sunset Roadmap, created from data in CEB IT Roadmap Builder, shows 32 technologies that most organizations plan to retire over the next 3 years.

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IT needs to move faster and be more flexible. Watch how roadmapping can help.

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Learn more about the six common IT roadmaps, as well as how to create, maintain, and communicate better IT roadmaps.

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Watch organizations improve how they create, visualize and communicate their IT plans.

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See what your IT organization's roadmap looks like with CEB IT Roadmap Builder.

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Featured in MIT Technology Review. CEB IT Roadmap Builder: A Smarter Way to Make IT Investments

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