Think the Tech sector dominates IT hiring? Think again.

The Technology sector employs just one-third (34%) of the total U.S. information technology (IT) workforce.

In today’s ultra-competitive, fast-changing, and knowledge-based work environment, IT talent is crucial to every organization’s success.

According to new CEB research, the U.S. remains the global leader in IT job creation with nearly 440,000 IT jobs advertised across 2013.

And job growth stems not just from the Tech sector, but from non-Tech industries like Manufacturing, Automotive, Healthcare, and Retail.

Our Perspective

The speed of change and hyper-specialization of skills is creating competitive disruption in the
IT workforce. The winners will be those companies who use location as a source of unique competitive talent advantage."

Jean Martin | Executive Director, CEB

How to Attract and Retain Today's Best IT Talent

CEB observes that the best companies make two major shifts in strategic talent management:

1. Look beyond Silicon Valley.

Cities like Phoenix, Denver, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Oklahoma City are emerging as IT talent incubators.

2. Redesign the IT competency model.

It's no longer enough to be technically skilled, given the speed at which specific IT skills become obsolete. Top IT talent exhibits potential, e.g. the ability to learn quickly and apply judgment.

About the Research

Leveraging big data technologies and talent analytics from its CEB TalentNeuron offering, CEB conducted a comprehensive market analysis covering more than 900 cities, 100 countries, and 1,000 skills exploring the relative supply of IT talent against available jobs across all industry sectors.