Do You Have a Plan?

Government executives and their teams are facing unprecedented budgetary pressure. Leaders across the public sector will need to support their organizations through massive change, make critical business decisions, manage employee engagement, and mitigate risks to Agency and Department missions.

How CEB Can Help

Sustainable cost leadership requires a diversified set of quick-win opportunities and enduring cost-efficiency strategies, supported by cross-functional coordination and partnership.  Cost leaders transform turmoil into efficiency gains and opportunity for their organizations. 

Extreme cost cutting measures can have a significant impact on employee engagement and morale.  To mitigate risk, leaders need to enhance the performance culture and proactively involve the workforce through innovative, low-cost employee engagement methods.

Changing budgets require organizations to make significant transformations. With each organizational change there are risks associated with sustaining momentum, leadership commitment, and avoiding change fatigue.  To safeguard progress on transformation efforts, projects require clearly defined strategies and comprehensive communication & change management plans.

Public Sector Views