Nearly a third of financial institutions plant to adopt or replace a technology through 2014, while 62% plan to increase IT spending—our IT Roadmap will equip your firm to take advantage of these market opportunities.

  • Better align sales teams
  • Refine strategic initiatives
  • Understand technology area value and risk

How is the Data Measured?

Technology Area Value

Represents the value the technology area provides the company


Represents how much risk each tecnology area poses to the company

IT Roadmaps: Our Take

Commercial Banking

Investments in 2013 are focused on addressing security and regulatory concerns, with online banking replacements continuing to receive significant attention

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Capital Markets

Product investments made without consideration of channel discrimination are unlikely to drive desired returns

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To reduce the "uncertainty of value" barrier, technology providers should assist insurers with metrics driven value statements

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Retail Banking

Cost reduction strategies are of growing importance, but implementation of cloud and outsourced solutions are somewhat delayed

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Wealth Management

We are in a period of dynamic technology adoption, but need to shift our delivery model to capture a return on our investments

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