Competing With Your Customer

Revenue growth is one of the biggest challenges facing financial institutions today as growth remains mixed. Firms invested significantly in new capabilities and service models to differentiate, yet these efforts have largely failed. Our research reveals that one of the most formidable drivers of competition financial institutions face today comes from an unexpected source: their own customers.

With increased access to information before purchasing, “empowered customers” are less brand loyal, more likely to switch, and more likely to disintermediate suppliers from their decision-making processes. CEB research shows that the average purchase decision is almost 60% complete before the customer’s first contact with a potential provider.

This year's summit will focus on how technology is enabling financial institutions to act on the two critical components of a strategy that wins with empowered customers: client engagement and staff enablement. 

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2014 Summit Highlights


Year after year our speakers provide compelling insight from a variety of industries. This year's keynote speakers included Linda Verba from TD Bank who explored "ecosystem" models that intelligently leverage technology to solve operations, Jean-Pierre Soutric from Four Seasons who spoke about what underpins his firms highly-regarded service culture, and CEB's Rick DeLisi who covered how to equip your organization to boost customer experience.


Over 40 distinct content sessions that informed strategic planning, budgeting and solutions identification during this critical time. Take a moment to explore our agenda from 2014, including topics such as problem resolution, account opening, customer facing-analytics, integrated communications, and many more.

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