From Operational Recruiting to Strategic Talent Acquisition

Executives often assume that recruiting technology and outsourcing investments will generate automatic returns. However, these investments alone provide limited or no impact. To build an effective recruiting function, companies should instead focus on prioritizing high-return recruiting activities, sourcing and building talent pipelines, optimizing recruiting processes, and building next-generation recruiter capabilities. We provide in-depth yet practical decision and implementation support to help you improve candidate slate quality and reduce time to fill for critical positions.

Key HR Risks In Asia

Unique labor market realities make realizing growth in the Asia region harder than many companies think.

What risks rank at the top?

Anatomy of the Next-Generation Recruiter

Roadmap for improving recruiters' influence and impact on key business decisions.

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Integrated Talent Management

Align recruitment, development, and succession activities with strategic business goals to boost quality of hire and leader effectiveness.

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What Our Members Are Saying

CEB Recruiting Leadership Council's executive forum on Next-Generation Recruiter Capabilities was one of the most informative and action-rich meetings I have attended. The combination of best practice research, quantitative analysis, and executive-to-executive peer discussion will accelerate my initiatives significantly."

PNC FinancialMelissa Mounce, Director, Talent Acquisition

CEB Recruiting Leadership Council provided brilliant resources in support of my...Candidate Hiring Process. Having this now/before the upcoming January 31 launch gives me opportunity to review the resources and coach my team as they ask questions and look for answers. I am sure this is going to make ours a better project, allowing a more efficient use of our project time, and driving us toward a great solution."

EcoLabJeanne Ritterson, Talent Acquisition Specialist

CEB Recruiting Leadership Council's meeting was an invaluable investment of my time. Having direct access to CEB Recruiting Leadership Council's research and the real life-experiences of my peers made for an incredible developmental experience. I look forward to the next meeting and would highly suggest participation in future sessions to my peers who are committed to increasing their overall effectiveness as talent acquisition leaders."

Michael L. Cox, Global Staffing Leader, eBay, Inc.