Transforming HR Operations

Our targeted support helps organizations to define, design, and execute critical changes in the organization by combining consulting expertise with proven CEB resources. This ensures that critical projects are executed confidently and within given time and resource constraints without requiring significant investments in long-term consulting engagements.

Strategy Roadmaps

Targeted support to define, design, and execute critical initiatives at your organization.

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HRIS Executive Circle

Membership exclusively for HR IT executives to exchange insight and best practices with peers.

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Our Value Offering

Discover how CEB can help transform your HR function, address critical priorities, and improve team capabilities.

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Actionable solutions to transform HR focused around:

  • Driving Functional Excellence by leveraging quantitative and qualitative analysis to determine the best tactics for supporting business strategy while responding to cost and productivity pressures
  • Achieving Talent Excellence by showing you how best to attract, recruit, develop and engage talent as well as to overcome succession risk and manage employee performance

What Our Members Are Saying

CEB was able to take enormous amounts of information, filter it, and turn it into something we could use, which they did in a practical and actionable manner."

BDO InternationalEmree Siaroff
Global Head of People

CEB effectively helped us to define our global EVP and tailor it to our core talent segments. We feel very comfortable with our EVP, especially because of the rigorous analytics CEB has applied to identify the EVP attributes."

Omar Butt
Director HR Projects and Programmes

CEB’s Functional Maturity Diagnostic was the only tool we had seen that would give us an objective view of our progress. Having CEB facilitate it also gave us the distance and help we needed to really form our new priorities as a team."

Vice President People Central