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Confidence in Providers Improves in Europe

In Europe confidence in financial providers rose modestly in all wealth segments in Q3 2013. Compared to the rest of the world Europe still has the lowest level of overall confidence in providers, yet it is the only region where it is improving: consumer confidence remains flat in Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and South Africa and has declined sharply in the Americas.

Yet Financial Activity Levels Remain Low

Although the use of financial advisors has increased, overall financial management activity moderately dipped in Europe this quarter and continues to lag behind the global average.

What This Means for You

In this challenging environment, CEB helps bank executives take advantage of opportunities to improve consumer attitudes and drive financial engagement. In many cases the best tactics to boost consumer confidence may be small changes, such as employing staff capable of empathizing with customers and offering them practical advice to help relieve their financial stressors, rather than major strategy shifts.